So, we’ve all seen and heard of the Activated Charcoal, right?!

I for one, am always after a white and bright smile. I currently use a whitening toothpaste exclusively available – that’s VERY affordable too! However, I would appreciate a WHITER SMILE, that won’t send me broke! (Dentists, I’m looking at YOU!)

Last week I purchased 100% Natural activated charcoal, I received this yesterday. I’ve brushed once, using this black powder and instantly noticed a slighter whiter smile, however they say to use twice a day, for two weeks before seeing results; so I’m going to give it a try and let YOU know how it goes! You’re totally welcome too 🤘🏽😝

It’s easy (and messy) to use. Every day I’ll brush my teeth using this activated charcoal and will keep you updated. It’s very affordable – I paid $10.50AUD and received both the toothbrush and tooth .. powder. I am really happy about the fact they send you a toothbrush, this way you don’t ruin your existing one – even though it washes out, I was worried about turning the white bristles black, so appreciate the brush!

Lets just remember, the activated charcoal has an abrasive texture, meaning that with continued use – you may end up wearing down your natural enamel, causing bigger issues. This is a tad scary to me – I’ve never even needed a filling, let alone have all my enamel gone!!!

The Activated Charcoal is (apparently) fantastic for banishing bad breath too .. having said this, if you are suffering from some sort of dental problem, please seek professional help, this method isn’t going to help you sort any underlying issues.

I’m excited to UPDATE you all .. hoping for blinding white teeth in two weeks!!

Check back for my review on the Activated Charcoal xx💋SNOBFACE xx


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