✨Mani the lucky Cat ✨

‘In Japan, Maneki Neko are thought to bring good luck, good fortune and prosperity to their owners.

The figurine depicts a cat with an upright paw beckoning and is often found throughout Asia; in homes, businesses and restaurants.

Mani the lucky Cat is modern day version of the traditional Maneki Neko. We hope mani the lucky Cat brings you and your friends good luck with everything in life.’

I chose DREAM & HOLIDAY for their little tags, as I have a huge dream/goal that I’m working towards achieving and Holidays that I am working on making a reality. There are so many different tags available and different Mani kitties too! I might start collecting. I have two so far, cannot wait to get some more.

The smaller Mani only cost me $12.95 for the lucky Cat and an additional $2.95 for the charm 🤘🏽🤩 The bigger Mani was $19.95 and an additional $2.95 for the charm.

I have these in my home, in our lounge room, they’re very pretty and I’m in love!! I definitely need another for work! I believe you should always make your work area your own, we spend a lot of time in our area and it’s important to feel comfortable.

Later today, a belated introductory to ME! ☝🏽🤩



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