That ‘FRIDAY sigh’


I’m so KEEN for the weekend!! Work is great, however I’m utterly exhausted! I’d like to do nothing now; if your like me and LIVE for the weekends, I felt your Friday sigh of relief! 😆

I’m super excited to sleep in over the weekend, head over to the post office to collect mail that requires my autograph upon delivery (damn it), hopefully see our daughter (she’s on school holidays.) and of course get stuck into some house work. Okay, okay .. I’m NOT looking forward to cleaning my house 😒 but I’m happy to just be home.

The weekends excite me! Every Sunday evening I pine for Friday afternoon! I don’t exactly wish my weeks away, but I certainly adore the weekend! I have to wash our cat too, he typically isn’t a fan of bath time, but deals with it reluctantly and I manage to finish him up unscathed.

I’ve realised that I haven’t even really began telling you who I am and what I am about 🤦🏼‍♀️ What a rookie error haha!! Guess I better get on that then, hey! ☝🏽😃 Have a wonderful evening, I am going to!



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