Just a little about me .. #allaboutme

Its obvious that I am SNOBFACE – but then who am I to hide behind a name?

I wanted to start sharing with you more about me. Who I am, where I’m from, what I’m about – you know, all the juicy bits πŸ€˜πŸ½πŸ˜ƒ

I live with my Husband and our Daughter. My Husband is Adrian who goes by Ado; our Daughter is Sophie.

I met my Husband back when I was 16 years old; I worked at Coles as a ‘check out chick’ and dont actually recall serving him – Apparently, I was working and he walked into the shopping centre and once he saw me was ‘checking me out’ and walked into a stand LOL, apparently I saw this – I dont recall.πŸ˜…
as the same day – an acquaintance I knew came through my register and told me about what had happened earlier; he had gone home and saw his mate (who just so happened to be dating someone I knew), told them and they came in to see who he was referring to .. In short, I handed over my phone number (please remember I was 16 LOL). The following day (I’m sure) I received a text from a random number saying ‘Hey Sexy’ .. too which I replied, who the fuck is this? LMFAO I’m all class, I know haha .. We began texting, then calling – we inadvertently met on the 5th of September, the following day was his Birthday – which I didn’t believe HAHA.

The first time we ‘hung out’ we had gone to the shopping mall. He bought a mate with him and I had met them one evening after work. Can you believe he didn’t say a word to me 😐 WTF, right? I Shopped instead HAHA.πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

WE hung out a lot after that, on our own. As soon as he was on his own, he would talk; 26 days later we were officially dating.

We dated for two years before we gave birth to our first and only child, Sophie. When She was 3 months old, my then Boyfriend bought his own home and we all moved in as a family.

Fast Forward 9 more years and on our 11th Anniversary together, we tied the knot, with our daughter as our Glitter Girl (aka Flower Girl). We dont come from money, our parents didn’t pay for our wedding, we did it ourselves and cut corners anywhere we could – Thats another Blog post – But in short the 27th of September is not only the day we made our relationship official, its also when we tied the knot and became Husband and Wife, our daughter cried tears of joy during the ceremony – #cute

We both work full time and run our own businesses on the side, our daughter loves reading chapter books and is sickly obsessed with animals, particularly Horses. School holidays are tough, we have to ‘send her away’ to family in order to maintain work commitments; we cannot wait until she is old enough to just stay at home. I enjoy having her home during the holidays. This year is a little different now, I wasn’t always employed full time, so this year I am pleased to be back to full time and be able to take paid time off and be able to spend a few weeks together as a family with our daughter. πŸ’—

In fact, Christmas this year will be different – We usually spend Christmas morning/day at my Mother-in-Law’s house who lives in Gympie (about 2.5 hours away), and go home Boxing Day to let Sophie open her presents; this year we will have only our second ever Christmas morning at home. I am so thrilled!! I am so excited for her to be like most other children and open her presents Christmas morning, as opposed to afterwards – either way I know its better than nothing, but STILL!

Okay, so we know how I met my now Husband πŸ’— and know how we met and how long we’ve been together ..UGH, but now my lunch break is over πŸ‘ŽπŸ½πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ No Hayu today .. #wahh

I’ll upload this and will continue on another time. This is a #blogseries .. first instalment COMPLETE! βœ”οΈ Now to go find me some air β˜€οΈconditioning – TOO HOT to be outside today!

🌸 Have a wonderful day babes! I’ve decided to have another bath this evening, I’ll be trialling the GOLDEN BALL from #RoyalEssenceCo, but First I’ll tell you all about how I went with the FLOWER BLOOMS xx Another REVIEW on the way!! xx



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