EVERYDAY Skin Care + Make Up Routine.

How long does it take for you to apply your face of a morning? I know girls who literally take well over an hour to apply โ€“ then there are others who literally smash it out in minutes.

Donโ€™t get me wrong, I mean I could totally take HOURS getting ready โ€“ Make up is FUN! My โ€˜glamourโ€™ look can take about an hour to do when I am taking my time and attempting to achieve perfection. Having said this, I donโ€™t have time to be GLAM everyday (and who the hell WANTS TO?) I barely have time to brush my hair of a morning before work, LOL!

I rely on my everyday make up routine to help me feel confident. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to apply and I still manage to make our daughters school lunch, and even find my Husbandโ€™s socks before I have to leave the house ahaha.

Here is how my weekday morning goes โ€“

  • 1. Brush my toothypegs! This helps me to not only โ€˜wake upโ€™ but to also get rid of that horrible morning breath โ€“ yes, I suffer from morning breath โ€“ doesnโ€™t everyone? MY toothpaste is magical, naturally whitens teeth while offering 24hr protection against plaque โ€“ Our company holds the patent.

  • 2. Wash my face. Every morning, I cleanse, tone and moisturise. Then I apply a primer; My primer minimises pores and helps my eye and wrinkle creams to โ€˜soakโ€™ in more beneficially.

  • 3. Apply my Ideal Eyes and Line Corrector creams (anti-ageing baby!!) One rids the dark bags under my eyes (that I no longer have) and the other, removes lines โ€“ again, I no longer have these.

  • 4. Apply my foundation. I blend using my hands โ€“ BAD I know, but this works for me. I figure as itโ€™s a pump bottle, I shouldnโ€™t be collecting any bacteria, right? HA!
  • 5. Apply my Finishing Powder. I LOVE my Finishing Powder; it not only banishes shine, it also gives a matte appearance โ€“ LOVE! I tend to have a shine at the end of the day if I havenโ€™t applied this โ€“ shiny ainโ€™t cute!

  • 6. Apply a blush. I use this differently than some. I apply on my cheeks, tip of my nose, around the top of my forehead and framed around my face. I like how it gives colour to your complexion. *If I am going for a contoured look โ€“ I use my bronzer!!
  • 7. Apply my eyelash and eyebrow growth serum โ€“ This is AMAZING!! Naturally longer and thicker lashes โ€“ Iโ€™m working on my brows now that this saved my eyelashes โ€“ NEVER again will I get eyelash extensions again!!! I literally had 0.05cm long lashes at one point
  • 8. Line and fill my Brows โ€“ I have only thee best eyebrow compact. I line my brows, starting light from the inside and darker to the ends. This compact is PERFECT! Handy travel size, and also comes with tweezers, brush and spooly <- so sure this is misspelt, shh!
  • 9. Apply my Curl & Lash Mascara โ€“ the wand has a beautiful curve that lifts the lashes and lengthens them, I use this basically everyday; itโ€™s perfect for everyday and perfect for full glamour! I honestly donโ€™t know why some people donโ€™t wear it โ€“ it wakes me up, making your eyeballs POP! Always wear mascara. (Itโ€™s a water based mascara, meaning it is safe to use, if you have eyelash extensions.)

  • 10. LIPS! I love a pop of colour, I love the POWERLIPS Fluid more though! Amazing matte shades that don’t bleed or transfer, while infusing beneficial vitamins and hydration to make your lips look and feel amazing. If I don’t feel like colour, I use any sort of clear or lightly tinted lip balm.

  • 11. HIGHLIGHT BOO!!! I have a few amazing (and cheap) highlighters that I use occasionally โ€“ I use this on top of my cheek bone, around my temple, a little on the tip of my nose and again on top and bottom of the ends of my brows .. I LOVE a good highlight. I use this for everyday and Glamour .. mostly glamour though.
  • 12. Lastly, but most importantly โ€“ setting spray! Mine is a multipurpose spray! This just sets my make up โ€“ by the time I finish work, I come home looking the exact same as when I left โ€“ WINNING.

Thatโ€™s my morning routine โ€“ the longest part of my routine would be cleaning my face. Itโ€™s one of the most important steps; youโ€™re removing old, bacteria ridden make up, removing dead skin cells, cleaning your face; allowing your make up application much smoother (literally) PLUS, this just ensures a clean and flawless finish.

I enjoy cleaning my face! I used to think it was pointless โ€“ about a year ago, I began religiously washing my face, morning and night โ€“ I very quickly saw the benefits and havenโ€™t stopped since!

The right skin care routine is paramount โ€“ as is quality make up.

I want to know what your skin routine looks like. What product/s are you using?

If youโ€™re wanting some help in finding the right skin care system for YOU; email me at snobmiss@outlook.com โ€“ I am always looking to help improve peopleโ€™s lives; I especially enjoy watching the transformation; physically as well as the mental changes, you just FEEL better with a quality skin care system โ€“ products to suit every budget.

I have helped many women create a skin care routine, one thing they all have in common? Their Self Confidence absolutely SOARS!! That makes me so happy โ€“ my mission, I want to help restore confidence, or help someone achieve it for the first time in their life.

Until next time Beauties xx Stay safe always!


Weekend is over .. โœจ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿฝ

I just love blinging my favourite items!! There is something about beautiful, sparkly things. It’s hard for me to explain.

Yesterday, I attacked my iPad Pro case and LED case with beads I had left over from another important event. The end result is AMAZING! โœ… .. As was to be expected!

I used PVA glue to adhere the stones, as I didn’t want to waste any other type of glue – (with stronger glue I run the risk of major damage if and when I want to start again, ie. having to rip them off). Having said this, I never really go back to ‘redo’ anything, I generally start again! ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜† #collector #hoarder

Only took me about 20 minutes to glue on, I let it dry in the sun all day.

I had 4 little stones and 2 big ones left over, so I glued them to my planner – these beads are so meaningful to me; I used them on my wedding dress ๐Ÿ’– Now I get to see them more often on my planner, phone and iPad cases #SPARKLES โœจ Makes me want to use everything more often. I just wanna see it, it’s weird.

There is something about sparkles that just makes me happy on the inside; it brightens my world โœจ My creative world would be dead without glitter, rhinestones, gems, sparkle .. ALL of it! I have always been obsessed with GLITTER!! โœจ I remember being a child and painting my nails silver, then pouring silver glitter over the top; inevitably fit in trouble at school the next day .. I never removed it #REBEL .. no one tells me I can’t have sparkle!

Safe to say I had a productive weekend! Housework complete, a few favourite possessions blinged up! โœจRelaxed, spent time with my Gorgeous family and managed to cook up delicious, healthy meals all weekend, too!

I enjoy my job so don’t mind that it’s Monday tomorrow! #MONSlay I hope you each have a great week ahead! Ima be really productive!


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