EVERYDAY Skin Care + Make Up Routine.

How long does it take for you to apply your face of a morning? I know girls who literally take well over an hour to apply – then there are others who literally smash it out in minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean I could totally take HOURS getting ready – Make up is FUN! My ‘glamour’ look can take about an hour to do when I am taking my time and attempting to achieve perfection. Having said this, I don’t have time to be GLAM everyday (and who the hell WANTS TO?) I barely have time to brush my hair of a morning before work, LOL!

I rely on my everyday make up routine to help me feel confident. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to apply and I still manage to make our daughters school lunch, and even find my Husband’s socks before I have to leave the house ahaha.

Here is how my weekday morning goes –

  • 1. Brush my toothypegs! This helps me to not only ‘wake up’ but to also get rid of that horrible morning breath – yes, I suffer from morning breath – doesn’t everyone? MY toothpaste is magical, naturally whitens teeth while offering 24hr protection against plaque – Our company holds the patent.

  • 2. Wash my face. Every morning, I cleanse, tone and moisturise. Then I apply a primer; My primer minimises pores and helps my eye and wrinkle creams to ‘soak’ in more beneficially.

  • 3. Apply my Ideal Eyes and Line Corrector creams (anti-ageing baby!!) One rids the dark bags under my eyes (that I no longer have) and the other, removes lines – again, I no longer have these.

  • 4. Apply my foundation. I blend using my hands – BAD I know, but this works for me. I figure as it’s a pump bottle, I shouldn’t be collecting any bacteria, right? HA!
  • 5. Apply my Finishing Powder. I LOVE my Finishing Powder; it not only banishes shine, it also gives a matte appearance – LOVE! I tend to have a shine at the end of the day if I haven’t applied this – shiny ain’t cute!

  • 6. Apply a blush. I use this differently than some. I apply on my cheeks, tip of my nose, around the top of my forehead and framed around my face. I like how it gives colour to your complexion. *If I am going for a contoured look – I use my bronzer!!
  • 7. Apply my eyelash and eyebrow growth serum – This is AMAZING!! Naturally longer and thicker lashes – I’m working on my brows now that this saved my eyelashes – NEVER again will I get eyelash extensions again!!! I literally had 0.05cm long lashes at one point
  • 8. Line and fill my Brows – I have only thee best eyebrow compact. I line my brows, starting light from the inside and darker to the ends. This compact is PERFECT! Handy travel size, and also comes with tweezers, brush and spooly <- so sure this is misspelt, shh!
  • 9. Apply my Curl & Lash Mascara – the wand has a beautiful curve that lifts the lashes and lengthens them, I use this basically everyday; it’s perfect for everyday and perfect for full glamour! I honestly don’t know why some people don’t wear it – it wakes me up, making your eyeballs POP! Always wear mascara. (It’s a water based mascara, meaning it is safe to use, if you have eyelash extensions.)

  • 10. LIPS! I love a pop of colour, I love the POWERLIPS Fluid more though! Amazing matte shades that don’t bleed or transfer, while infusing beneficial vitamins and hydration to make your lips look and feel amazing. If I don’t feel like colour, I use any sort of clear or lightly tinted lip balm.

  • 11. HIGHLIGHT BOO!!! I have a few amazing (and cheap) highlighters that I use occasionally – I use this on top of my cheek bone, around my temple, a little on the tip of my nose and again on top and bottom of the ends of my brows .. I LOVE a good highlight. I use this for everyday and Glamour .. mostly glamour though.
  • 12. Lastly, but most importantly – setting spray! Mine is a multipurpose spray! This just sets my make up – by the time I finish work, I come home looking the exact same as when I left – WINNING.

That’s my morning routine – the longest part of my routine would be cleaning my face. It’s one of the most important steps; you’re removing old, bacteria ridden make up, removing dead skin cells, cleaning your face; allowing your make up application much smoother (literally) PLUS, this just ensures a clean and flawless finish.

I enjoy cleaning my face! I used to think it was pointless – about a year ago, I began religiously washing my face, morning and night – I very quickly saw the benefits and haven’t stopped since!

The right skin care routine is paramount – as is quality make up.

I want to know what your skin routine looks like. What product/s are you using?

If you’re wanting some help in finding the right skin care system for YOU; email me at snobmiss@outlook.com – I am always looking to help improve people’s lives; I especially enjoy watching the transformation; physically as well as the mental changes, you just FEEL better with a quality skin care system – products to suit every budget.

I have helped many women create a skin care routine, one thing they all have in common? Their Self Confidence absolutely SOARS!! That makes me so happy – my mission, I want to help restore confidence, or help someone achieve it for the first time in their life.

Until next time Beauties xx Stay safe always!


The holidays are over ..

The dreaded moment your Christmas Holidays come to an end and you must wake your arse, get it out of bed and get ready for work!

I’d meant to keep you updated the past two weeks, but procrastination got the better of me.

Now that the daily grind is back in session, so is my routine.

HUGE Blog post coming this evening!


✨Mani the lucky Cat ✨

‘In Japan, Maneki Neko are thought to bring good luck, good fortune and prosperity to their owners.

The figurine depicts a cat with an upright paw beckoning and is often found throughout Asia; in homes, businesses and restaurants.

Mani the lucky Cat is modern day version of the traditional Maneki Neko. We hope mani the lucky Cat brings you and your friends good luck with everything in life.’

I chose DREAM & HOLIDAY for their little tags, as I have a huge dream/goal that I’m working towards achieving and Holidays that I am working on making a reality. There are so many different tags available and different Mani kitties too! I might start collecting. I have two so far, cannot wait to get some more.

The smaller Mani only cost me $12.95 for the lucky Cat and an additional $2.95 for the charm 🤘🏽🤩 The bigger Mani was $19.95 and an additional $2.95 for the charm.

I have these in my home, in our lounge room, they’re very pretty and I’m in love!! I definitely need another for work! I believe you should always make your work area your own, we spend a lot of time in our area and it’s important to feel comfortable.

Later today, a belated introductory to ME! ☝🏽🤩


🙄Okay, so I didn’t post.

Here’s a SNOBFACE DISCOVERY for you; I am one of ‘those‘ people, the ones that say ‘tonight another blog post’. Tonight comes and goes and still no blog post for the evening 🤷🏼‍♀️ The intention is there, just no promised blog post.

It’s not that the content nor motivation wasn’t present, more so lack of time before my head hit the pillow; I literally jumped into bed at about 8pm and fell asleep. I did wake up at 2am for a few spoons of Nutella (🤦🏼‍♀️) then went back to bed before being rudely woken by my phone alarm at 6am 😒👎🏽

This evening, I will be going into my drafted posts and will be hitting ‘publish’ – Therefore another blog post this evening #24hrslate Better late than never! I promise you 🙌🏽 I have a plan to NOT watch hayu on break today and instead prep this blog post that was meant to be up last night .. small mercies and BIG compromise, feel special ‘kayy! 😆

I’m currently on my way to work, it’s a beautiful looking day, too! I look forward to sharing with you all my lucky scores yesterday! An abundance of mail was awaiting my arrival home, VERY HAPPY with my received goods! I should have more again today, I’ve been a busy Girl online lately .. I love Christmas time! Not only great bargains (If you know how to locate them – hey, potential blog post haha) but a great opportunity to spoil the ones who mean the most to us.

🤘🏽I have a big and productive day ahead of me! In fact, every day is a productive one, I’m a Course Coordinator, this time of year is hectic. More about me and my job, later today.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Totally blogging on my lunch break today, because I want to give you content to read, useful content to read!



It’s HUMP DAY Beauties!

I’m on my way to work after having the last two days off of work, does anyone else have that overwhelming feeling of anxiety, returning to work after having a few days off?

On my lunch break today, I will be drafting up another blog; this morning I woke up to a SHOCKING reflection of myself, one that I feel warrants a blog post!

Sincerely wishing each of you have a fantastic day today!!

Check back later today .. I’m so excited to share with you the vision I had this morning.